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About Optimax Business Solutions

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“optimising sales and maximising profit”

Optimax Business Solutions works with businesses across the UK and Europe to drive a step change in sales performance and marketing. Our key ability is to deploy experienced consultants who individually have a successful track record in one of the following areas; marketing strategy and planning, product/service development, developing new markets, creating new sales channels, sales management, sales training and sales processes and scripting. In addition we have a digital marketing capability which can cover everything from developing an online strategy for your business through to the delivery of an up and running website, email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, and viral marketing.

Expertise in Sales and Marketing

Our approach is to supply expert marketing and sales specialists to work alongside your team and ensure that they are truly engaged and have ownership of achieving your business objectives and targets.

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Our marketing and sales consultants will provide expertise and an outside view and ensure that your change programme is properly structured and monitored.

At the heart of our organisation is a key focus on delivering to your business a successful marketing and sales functionality. Our area experience and expertise covers office, telephone, retail, online and field sales.

Tried and Tested Sales Improvement

Our range of service options include assessing your current activities; identifying opportunities for profitable growth through performance improvement, new channels and new markets and developing workable solutions to current issues which are limiting sales or profit. All of our proposals will be delivered with a fully costed implementation plan and all proposals will be firmly based on the art of the possible. We adopt a flexible approach to all of our work and we will meet your requirements regarding the degree to which you use your own people and resources both in the development and implementation of solutions. We are adept in working to support your in house team throughout the implementation phase or we can take the lead role in line with your specific requirements.

Bespoke Sales Training

Our subject expert consultants are available to develop and deliver bespoke sales training modules and customer care training aligned to your specific business model and processes. All of our training is designed to support the implementation your change initiative and it help deliver a positive outcome. Training can be seminar based, coaching in the field or web based.

Experienced Consultants, Pragmatic Solutions

Our consultants and associates have a track record in implementing change plans, new product development, creating new markets, performance turnarounds, business start-ups and business integration following mergers and acquisitions.

We have a pragmatic and focused online team who can deliver effective up-and-running websites, and all other aspects of digital marketing.

To find out more about the advantages of choosing Optimax Business Solutions please contact us on 07769 664078

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  9. New Product Development
  10. Fulfilment and Logistics
  11. Customer Relationship Improvement

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