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Digital Marketing Expertise

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Our digital marketing consultants can provide the experience and knowledge required to create a range of digital sales channels for your business. We can support you during the phased of development of your digital presence ensuring that your project is stable and sustainable before handing over to your in-house team who we will have coached and trained.

Digital Marketing Channels

The choice of channels and the speed of customer behaviour change in relation to Digital Marketing can easily lead to businesses making bad investments of time and money. Our consultants who work only in this sector help you through the decision making process based on the use of recent best practice.

SEO and Social Media

Creating designing and launching a new or replacement website is often the starting point of the digital marketing journey. Search Engine Optimisation continues to be the most important element in generation leads and sales at an attractive acquisition cost. However the competition changes fast and Facebook, Twitter and effective Blogs are now very important in attracting the right visitors to your website. Setting up the structure which enables multiple channels to work together effectively and efficiently is a key area in which our experience will save you money and work into the future.

Online Paid Advertising

PPC (Pay Per Click), content adverts, and paid Facebook advertising are channels which when properly deployed and managed can achieve a healthy return on investment. Affiliate Marketing offering vouchers, cash back, loyalty schemes or price comparisons may be a good option for your products.

I-Phone M-marketing

M-marketing (Mobile Marketing) is now a very important channel in the digital marketing mix. Whilst conversion rates from mobile web to sale is lower than that achieved from a personal computer, the growth in mobile web has been more than 100% per year driven by iphone and android. We will ensure that the basic rules of the game are followed in your m-marketing project in order to avoid the mistakes made by even the largest of corporations.

Analytics and Managing Multi Channels

It is important to know which data is meaningful and robust in order to manage multi channel marketing in a cost efficient way. Optimax Business Solutions will develop a structure which ensures that you know how each channel is actually performing and the relationship between chanels.

Digital Marketing Help

Call us at an early stage in your digital marketing planning and we will be pleased to demonstrate what we can do for your business.

Call us and find out what we can do for your business.

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