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Maximising Profitable Sales

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“You are what you sell”

“ Sales.... the engine which drives your Business forward”

If you are frustrated that the sales force in your company have a different set of objectives from the Managing Director you are not alone! This lack of a common objective reduces both profit and sales. It is a lose-lose arrangement. Optimax Business Solutions have consultants who have a specific skill set in identifying, analysing, and creating an action plan to minimise the “objective gap” and thereby increase profitable sales and revenues.

Optimising the Sales Process

Our marketing and sales consultants working with your top team and your sales force are skilled at clarifying strategic objectives and translating these into a workable marketing and sales operating plan supported by processes which work in the real world. Real sales, resulting in real income which is not eroded by excessive discounting, customer cancellations, or selling the wrong product mix in order to optimise a skewed reward system or operate with a flawed logistics or fulfilment system.

Consolidating Sales Performance

Having developed a Sales and Marketing Improvement plan our consultants will provide support and / or leadership throughout the implementation of the agreed changes. We stay around to assess any adjustments required and identify any further opportunities which are now possible from the new starting point.

Optimax Business Solutions’ sales improvement consultants are skilled at

  1. Communicating business objectives in a format which works with a sales force
  2. Identifying reward and compensation issues which drive a wedge into the common interest
  3. Convert Finance based budgets and plans into a prioritised and aligned set of objectives for sales people at all levels
  4. Develop achievable individual sales plans by manager and sales person which are supported by sales processes, behaviours and scripts and bespoke sales training.
  5. Focus appropriately on increasing sales to existing customers / clients, create the confidence to up-selling, identify realistic cross-selling opportunities, new customer opportunities

Why Optimax Sales Maximisation works:

It would be nice if everyone could do everything to the maximum every time. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Your sales force may well by directed or self directed on too many targets, some management driven some driven by reward schemes. This normally results in a sub-optimisation of performance, margin and profit.

Our sales consulting team are experience in developing a vision for your sales team which focuses on a limited number of objectives. This approach makes sales management more measurable and straightforward. We reduce information overload which detracts from achieving the key sales objectives, we create easily measured and understood milestones against which to measure progress, and we support your sales force at every level. This tried and tested recipe together with the focus brought by our consultants will frequently improve sales efficiency by 30%.

Call us and find out what we can do for your business.

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