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New Sales Channels and New Customer Base

We are working with a long term Clients in the East Midlands to develop a B to C online ecommerce channel. Our Client. who has focused to Business to Business sales over the last 30 years is taking action to grow revenues and sales in the B to C sector using low cost digital marketing and sales. Traditional channels are being negatively impacted by the current economic climate in which the customers they serve indirectly are being more careful regarding impulse buys and are increasing shopping on line rather than in a bricks and mortar store.

This is a familiar scenario in many wholesale businesses, if you have a similar business issue contact Optimax Business Solutions.

sales marketing

Crucial Time for Coaching Sales Teams

For many Sales Teams the challenge of selling significant Home Improvement products remains difficult, with customers feeling insecure regarding employment and the banks remaining unwilling to lend at a reasonable rates. We are currently involved in reviewing the sales process and scripting for a Manchester based business which operates nationally. We are also coaching individual members of the Field Sales Team. We have to guard against poor performers short cutting the sales process order to get to the rejection sooner! Coaching and training are needed now to restore individual confidence and performance with a eye to ensuring our Client captures an increased share of any upturn n the market.

Get ready for the upturn, if you have a similar business issue contact Optimax Business Solutions.

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