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The team at Optimax Business Solutions is what sets us apart from most other consultancy firms. Our consultants have all held senior management positions in corporate level businesses such as Centrica, AA, Thompson Group, Everest etc.. Our primary focus is on sales and marketing usually in the context of a business turn-around, start-up, acquisition or diversification into new products, new markets or new sales channels.

From assessing your current operation or project plans we will produce a detailed report highlighting our recommendations for gaining traction and driving forward to gain momentum in sales performance improvement or into new areas. We can give as much leadership and support as you require in the implementation phase and again we can continue into a consolidation phase should you require this.

We have a digital marketing service which will develop new initiatives and online channels from concept through to a fully functioning and operational system which can be handed over to your team together with any required training.

To find out more about the advantages of choosing Optimax Business Solutions please contact us on 07769 664078

optimax business solutions - sales marketing optimax business solutions - sales marketing