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Terry Lee - CEO

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Optimax is a new and exciting hands on management consultancy which, along with a team of specialist consultants, I have established in order to level the playing field for small and medium sized businesses.

My recent roles include Sales and Marketing Director for the Automobile Associations media business and prior to this leading the National Sales Team focused on rolling out new products for Centrica in order to diversify their service offering and increase revenue from their customer base. This experience, along with numerous management roles in sales, marketing, business growth & development has given me a fantastic breadth of experience. Working in partnership with consultants specialising in web development, digital marketing and business development, coupled with my own entrepreneurial flair and innovative approach to challenges makes Optimax Business Solutions a great option for any business.

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The business world has evolved significantly during my career and having managed the development of several new business ventures and product developments, you soon identify some of the simple strategies that can make the difference between success and failure.

Many SME businesses’ do not have the funding or the time to research markets and therefore often have a higher percentage of failures than successes. I wonder how many times you have you said to yourself “I wish I’d had that information before I made that decision” - it could potentially make a real difference!

There is a very old saying in business “failure to plan - plan for failure”. This can happen in any business and this is where Optimax Business Solutions can really help you.

I have known companies to be over keen on pricing in order to get the business, forgetting to get all the facts from buyers prior to offering a price to simply find further down the line that the buyers need different cartons and pack sizes, split deliveries, special labelling, marketing support contributions, extended credit, early settlement discounts – all of which erode what is already a very tight margin.

I’ve worked closely with stock solution companies (I call them product development grave yards) - these companies have only come into existence due to business not carrying out research on product development, not using sales forecasting models and poor stock management systems. They manufacture on what the salesman thinks he can sell, rather than basing things on advanced orders!

Many SME’s do not have vigorous sales processes, often have sales teams that are not incentivised, have no territory planning, no target’s and simply spend most of their time in cars racking up unnecessary cost’s. A simple review of your sales strategy can deliver real results.

These are just some of my own experiences - the team at Optimax have lots of other experiences and practical solutions ready to share.

If any of these scenarios have made you think about your own business – we’re here to help. From a quick phone conversation, to a full business strategic review –we can tailor something to suit you, so just call or e-mail today.

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